S.R Hotel – Hilton Head Island


4 Stars

Having fun!

F. Harris

5 Stars

Excellent experience!!

K. Kataria

5 Stars

Everything was clean and concise

A. Wimberly

5 Stars

Very nice hotel, my family totally enjoyed our stay.

J. Barrow

5 Stars

Julie Woodall and I had a very good conversation and she gave me lots of good info about our upcoming vacation at S.R Hotel.

T. Tovel

5 Stars

Kay was delightful and helped with all my requests.

L. Walker

5 Stars

Excellent customer service provided by Lisa Benton.

A. Budhoo

5 Stars

Carolyn Cooper was a great help with planning my next vacation.

S. Rodgers

5 Stars

Carolyn Cooper was very courteous and helpful today.

W. Conroy

5 Stars

Collin Heacock was wonderful in helping me!! Thanks!!

J. Donald